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This fucking breaks my heart. I wish people wouldn’t badmouth Grim like this. For fucks sake this is the same reason people who believe in Mythological creatures like Gods, spirits, faeries, angels and etc. I really wish people could change but humans are ignorant little apes and they will believe the things they want to believe no matter the evidence. Sadly I don’t think anyone can change that barring augmentation of their brains or whatever the hell could exist in our future.

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I have a reputation at odds with the reality of who and what I am.

This is peculiar, depressing and confuses a lot of people, perhaps me most of all.

So, how does a left-anarchist, wildly progressive (in the proper sense), libertine game designer – firmly ensconced in the bottom left corner of the bottom left quadrant of the political compass – get a reputation as TurboHitler? I wish I knew.

This stuff blows up with somewhat random regularity, when something slips through the social media echo-prison I’ve been put into and I become aware of it. Usually this takes the form of some cnidarian arsehole slurping out of the depths to spread an increasingly mythologised bunch of nonsense about me.

The nonsense varies, sometimes more serious than at other times, but what it all boils down to seems to be that I disagree with people and they can’t separate…

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Afrocentric Fantasy RPGs – An Irksome issue

As of late there have been more than a few afrocentric fantasy and science fiction RPGs. Now something that has been puzzling me is when someone says Afrocentric I think they mean Sub-Saharan africa, but my problem is that Africa is a massive place and to seek to say that all of Africa is one thing seems inherently disingenuous to the rest of Africa. Anyways I mean no harm by this post, I just wanted to share something I have thought of without getting to heavily into the whole bag of worms that is Afrocentrism.

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Kickstarter Shout-out – Terminator RPG edition

There is a Kickstarter currently running now until April 5th. It looks to be another one of my favorite TTRPGs to come out recently. There is a RPG Quick Start for this game available right now on DriveThruRPG at this link https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/341238/The-Terminator-RPG-Quick-Start.

Before any of you start asking this game is based solely on the first Terminator movie from 1984 as well as the Dark Horse comics that expanded the world of Terminator. Also if any of you are adverse to dice pool based systems you might want to stay away. One of the neat things I found out is that in this game, characters can travel to not just the 1980s and the future war of 2029, but also anywhere else in history the Director wants. Anyways if you are interested in this game please check out the Kickstarter here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nightfall/the-terminator-rpg/description

And remember, fate is nothing but what we make…

The Terminator Is Out There : Alternative Poster Art That ...
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Proto-Indo-European Mythology and D&D and D&D like settings

There is an idea that speaks of how every religion and mythology from Europe to India and I would argue even Abrahamic religions are branches of Proto-Indo-European mythology. This is all a round about way of saying that in a D&D type Polytheistic Culture it might be a good idea to have one singular mythos that encompasses every Pantheon on the world. This is what I would do in a Fantasy game that I would run but if you all are interested you can’t go wrong reading this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proto-Indo-European_mythology

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An extrapolation of an Planetary Romance idea

So as I am getting more and more interested in the classic pulp stories I just realized something. If Barsoom is ancient compared to Earth and Venus is younger than Earth. This would suggest that all of the worlds in the solar system from Pluto to Mercury are in a descending line of oldest to youngest. As this is the case it really makes my imagination go crazy with all of the cool stuff that could’ve happened in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe. Imagine the last outpost of Humanoid life clinging to their frozen dead landscape of Pluto. There could even potentially be Primitive Humanoid life that exists of Mercury. Anyways I just thought this idea was pretty neat so…

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Kickstarter Shout-Out: End Times edition

I have been a fan of this developer for almost as long as I have been into TTRPGs. So in order to get his games more exposure I figured I would share this Kickstarter. Imagine if you will you are a young adult who suddenly wakes up one day. This particular day you are not where you went to bed, in fact you are actually in a post apocalyptic wasteland where humanity is going extinct. All of the sudden you are back in your own body. You check your pockets and inside is a handwritten note from your future self. The note describes that you have been chosen as a Survivor and that 10 years in the future the world is ending. It also describes that the world has ended many other times and people like yourself have stopped the end times. Now you are sent on a mission to stop the apocalypse. *Cue epic music*

If any of this interests you please check out the kickstarter for End Times by Vajra Enterprises.

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Helping a Guy out – Cha’alt edition

Hey everyone as a reviewer of Cha’alt I feel the need to share this fact. Venger Satanis currently has a Kickstarter for seven adventures using the Gonzo insanity of the Cha’alt setting. If you want more adventures on the Lovecraftian, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Fantasy infused mess that is Cha’alt, I highly recommend jumping on this campaign.

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Zelart Scholarship Seeks More Entries! Win $500!

Just boosting the signal for this. Remember if you are a genre artist who is disadvantaged in any way this scholarship is for you.

Postmortem Studios

The Zelart Scholarship fully funded, but we have still had very few entries. While you would think artists would be clamouring to get a $500 award, especially in times like this, social media algorithms and over-sensitive spam detection make it hard to get this in front of anyone. Sharing this post would, in that context, be greatly appreciated, putting it in front of more artist’s eyes.

Here’s the short-short version:

This is a scholarship fund, intended primarily for college and university students with an interest in genre art.

It is also open to any artists who are in reduced circumstances (long-term unemployment, homelessness, disability etc).

To enter all you need is a piece of print-quality art, to which the rights are available and which you have created.

You send that to me, explain your circumstances and if you win you get $500 and the art you submitted goes on sale…

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Happy New Year!

I want to wish a somewhat belated happy new year to all of the folks who read this blog and especially those of you who asked if I would post again.

Now onto the serious stuff. I really want to see a massive cutback of Tribalism in the USA and everywhere else. I know it’s natural for humans to associate with groups but the past six years have been excruciating. So I plea to all of my readers regardless of your political affiliations and peccadilloes remember that we are all human beings. I know and have seen people go insane on the left and right and attack whole groups of people just because of the actions of a few, I’ve seen people get cancelled for saying something gauche. Please just remember that we are all human and make mistakes.

Anyways I am making a resolution to post more on this blog this year so expect more content coming your way.


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Cha’alt Review

After over one year this review is finally coming out.

Cha’alt, a game that very well is IMHO the magnum opus of Venger Satanis. Is the setting for everyone? Perhaps not. But if you enjoy post apocalyptic gonzo science fantasy with the oozey leavings of Lovecraftian Horror, I cannot recommend it enough. Notice that Cha’alt will work for most any OSR game as well as D&D 5th edition.

Now the best part of Cha’alt is not only the sheer open-endedness of the world but also the mega-dungeon. But before I can get into the Dungeons I am going to talk a little about the setting. Cha’alt is an alien world one where Magic was once the rule of the day and the mind shattering worship of inimical deities ruled over a pseudo-medieval world. However over time Humanity and it’s allied races began pushing further and further into science, reason, and High technology. Then it all changed over 1 century ago. The gods in a fit of rage burned Cha’alt to cinders. All that stopped them was the nuclear bombs that the world launched at their former gods. Now all that remains of their physical forms is the zoth, the liquefied remains of the elder gods. The Zoth is called the Mela’anj Spice by outworlders. Not only is it the most wondrous starship fuel in all of the galaxy but it’s also a highly addictive drug that grants god like powers.

The only problem is that a few of the gods still exist deep below Cha’alt and despite their weakened state they still hunger for new worshippers and clamor for vengeance against the mortal betrayers. Onto the first dungeon, Beneath Kra’adumek – The City of the Purple Worm. Magic in this dungeon is prone to mishaps, in fact you roll 1d20 every time you cast magic here. One of the mishaps is something incredibly Venger Satanis.

6. The pungent odor of carnality and the desert lotus blossoming in the eldritch illumination of demon moons.

Did I mention this is for really mature (or rather immature, or even both) people. Oh well onto the rest of this adventure. The conceit of this dungeon is that a Cult who worships an eldritch worm god and has dominated the city above. I will describe two of the 17 rooms of this dungeon to give you a taste.

1. A room with a giant demonic cat snake

You Might Love It; You Might Hate It: Cha'alt Reviewed ...
The above mentioned Demon Cat Snake

2. A room that has a ritual that can potentially cause 17% of Cha’alt’s population to disappear.

After you characters get the fuck out of Kra’adumek you will find yourself on the Sk’bah (or desert wasteland). Amidst the irradiated desert you will find nothing so much as life, except among the mutated abberant beasts that clamor through the Sk’bah, the insane evil robot death machines, and the crazed cultists of the old gods.

There is also an optional adventure that leads out of Beneath Kra’adumek. Anyways I highly recommend Cha’alt if you want a gonzo fantasy setting. Now I have worked on this review way too long. So let me give my score for Cha’alt.

Style – 1.5 stars

Substance – 3.5 Stars for a total of 4 stars out of 5.

Now I am going to get some sleep and start working on this blog some more later.

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