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My Tabletop RPG Mega-Setting

So I have a lot of different games, 10 shelves worth in fact. I’ve had an idea that I have pondered upon quite a bit recently. So here goes.

In the beginning the Omniverse was created by the cracking of a Cosmic egg. In one of the many multiverses the Primordial Khaos and Phanes were born and birthed the multiverse of the Greek Mythos. On the borderlands of the Greek, Norse, Celtic and Egyptian Multiversal domains, exists hundreds of Earth’s where the many possibilities of reality joined together. These Earth’s includes the games of Paleomythic, Arrows of Indra, King Arthur Pendragon, Lion & Dragon/Dark Albion: The Rose War, Ghosts of Albion, John Carter of Mars, Gangbusters B/X, Hollow Earth Expedition, Classified, Doctor Who, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Ars Magica, Conspiracy X 2.0, Dark Nova, Stalker, Cha’alt, Aces & Eights, Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Supergame 3e, Nightshift Veterans of The Supernatural Wars, Rifts, Dead Reign, Nightbane and Cyberpunk 2020.

The more I think about this, I am just making a wishlist of games to play. Oh well, I will try to think this through more.

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World War Z – or how I learned to love COVID-19

World War Z: The Complete Edition Audiobook Features Star ...

Recently I have gotten back to Max Brook’s 2006 novel World War Z. I can’t help but think that with how this year has been that World War Z was slightly prophetic in some respects. Now obviously we don’t have carnivorous undead monsters walking around. However among the various interviews in the book, I can’t help but correlate how the Hollywood celebrities reacted to the pandemic. Mostly what I think is similar is the fact that how fucking shit almost every nation handled the global outbreak of the Solanum Virus.

Now some of you might think that I am conservative due to my interview with Venger Satanis and posts about the RPGPundit and Grim Jim. The truth of the matter is that I am incredibly left wing. And if anything I can’t stand the hypocrisy of the politics in The USA. Anyways the reason I bring this up is how insane things in the US are and the near imperceptible parallels between World War Z and the current world. So I hope to catch you all next time. Same bat time same bat channel.

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Against the Darkmaster is out on DTRPG

I would take it that not many of my readers know how much I enjoy Middle-Earth as a setting. So when I found out that there was going to be a game that is more or less a retro clone of I.C.E.’s MERP game, I was incredibly excited to say the least. My next purchase will definitely be this game also if anyone is inclined to purchase it go here.



The Modern Day of The Burroughs-verse Or how to Celebrate Edgar Rice Burrough’s 9 days after his 145th Birthday

 The truth of the world has been covered up by the Governments of The Western World. No word of the truth of Mars, Venus or the Hollow Earth has been shared. The legends of ape-men in the pacific northwest of America are indeed closer to the truth. Nations of the eastern hemisphere have covered up the wonders of the universe as well, however groups of truth seekers have found clues hidden in the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Those with enough determination have found the truth. A Lucky few have even found their way to these lands. What will happen if Earthborn Humanity collectively discovers the truth. Only time will tell.

What follows is my timeline of The Burroughs-Verse
2,764,204,284  B.C. –  

  • Primitive life begins to develop on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

80,000,000 B.C. –

  • On Earth the hollow world of Pellucidar begins seeing it’s first inhabitants trickle in.
  • The Black Martians begin their ascent into Civilization and out of their barbaric depths

3,000,000 B.C. –

  • The already ancient world of Barsoom begins it’s slow descent into death. 
  • The primitive Green men start developing into a stone age culture. 

2,450,000 B.C. –

  • The Black Martian Queen Issus begins to develop the monolithic cult dedicated to her. 
  • On Jasoom a divergent strain of humanity develops. These people will later be known as the Mangani tribes of Africa, as well as The Yeti and The Sasquatch.

1,000,000 B.C. –

  • The Red Martians begin developing into a bronze age.

80,000 B.C. –

  • The Kingdom of Helium is founded
  • The Kingdom of Zodanga is founded
  • The Kingdom of Thark is founded

50,000 B.C. –

  • The Red Martians discover Radium

35,000 B.C. –

  • Helium discovers the eighth and ninth rays
  • The Barsoomian Atmosphere becomes sparser and sparser.
  • The Stone age of Amtor begins.

34,983 B.C.

  • Construction of The Heliumite Atmospheric Plant is completed.
  • The Yellow Martians build their Atmospheric plant

13,000 B.C. –

  • The Bronze Age of Amtor begins.

12,000 B.C. –

  • On Amtor The Empire of Vepaja is founded.

500 A.D. –

  • On Amtor the Thorist Revolution occurs.

1066 A.D. –

  • Tardos Mors, Jeddak of Helium is hatched.

1667 A.D. –

  • Tars Tarkas future Jeddak of the Tharks is hatched.

1746 A.D. –

  • Dejah Thoris is Hatched in the Royal Hatchery of Helium

1866 A.D. –

  • John Carter of The Virginian Gentlemen is transported to Barsoom. Over six months he goes on a great many adventures before settling down with his Martian wife Dejah Thoris.

1876 A.D. –

  • John Carter has been on Barsoom for 10 years and has a son on the way. Then the Atmospheric Plants fail, at the last minute John Carter travels to the plant and saves Barsoom
  • John Carter wakes back up on Earth in the cave in Arizona

1886 A.D. –

  • John Carter dies of natural causes on Earth. He wakes up on Barsoom. His nephew Edgar Rice Burroughs takes care of his uncles instructions and doesn’t open up the story until 1897 A.D.

1888 A.D. –

  • Lord Greystoke and his pregnant Lady Wife are stranded in the Jungles of Africa. Their son is born just 4 months after being stranded 
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Lovecraft Country Angry Review

Okay so in the first scene we see a dream containing Korean War combat, Aliens, Flying Saucers and lo and behold Dejah Thoris. But here’s the real problem. Dejah Thoris is a martian with bright red skin as all of her species. Now it seems pretty fucking hypocritical to replace the trope of Black men and women being shown with changed skin or eye colors by having a Korean woman do it. That smacks of racist connotations to me. Let’s not forget that there have been issues between Korean and Black Americans since the late 20th century, so do with that what you will. Furthermore let’s not forget that Lovecraft Country was written by Matt Ruff. You know this guy.

The fiction of Matt Ruff - Cult classic | Prospero | The Economist
Oh look at that. A white man.

So now I come to the conclusion that a white man is explaining that Lovecraft is Racist while explaining racism to people. Also here’s another thing Yes Lovecraft was an unabashed racist, however his cosmically nihilistic vision has inspired and should continue to inspire future authors and creators. As well, I should mention my other major dislike for Lovecraft Country. There is a distinct lack of Cosmic Horror, Racial Horror Aplenty but no Cosmic Horror. So here is the thing if you call something Lovecraftian it must involve Cosmic Horror, full stop. Anyways this is all my opinion but, to say the least I am very displeased with Lovecraft Country.

This conclave is finished.

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The Magicians in Ghosts of Albion

The Magicians - Wikipedia

So I have been pondering working on making the Syfy tv show The Magicians into Ghosts of Albion.

Eden Studios, Inc. - Ghosts of Albion RPG

If you like Urban Fantasy and want to play it in The Victorian Age I highly recommend Timothy S. Brannan’s Cinematic Unisystem RPG – Ghosts of Albion. I will probably do a review of that sometime after I review Venger Satanis’ Cha’alt Book. Anyways this Conclave is adjourned.

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Tales of Gor RPG Review

So how do I start this off? Ah how about this. In 1966 a Little known Philosophy Professor who would be known to the world as John Norman wrote a fanciful tale that would soon escalate into an SJW Circle Jerk of Hate in the modern day. What is Gor you may ask. Well it’s a world on the opposite side of the sun hidden from earth’s view by alien godlike praying mantis’s. It is a world of great beauty, savage beasts, Strong Men and Beautiful Women who serve as their slaves. Yes that’s right Gor is a book that heavily focuses on Slavery of Women but especially Sexual Slavery. Now that doesn’t mean men aren’t slaves as well. However men tend to be too brutal and ruthless to survive long as slave in the silver mines. Some men are made into pleasure slaves for the haughty and arrogant Free Women of Gor.

If you can get past all of the slavery and BDSM Erotic content, you have a very fun set of pulp adventure stories ala John Carter of Mars or REH’s Almuric. But regardless of those facts we are here to review Tales of Gor as a product and as a RPG. Before I begin you should know that I have run Tales of Gor for about 2 years over Tavern Keeper which is a Play by Post RPG Website and community. Also I have never been payed by James “Grim” Desborough nor has he given any of the books or adventures to me for free.


The Layout of the Core rule book and it’s companion of The Gorean Encyclopedia are honestly quite excellent. I would prefer if there were bookmarks in the pdf, however Grim was kind enough to keep all of his games unwatermarked which allows one to add pdf bookmarks as they see fit. 3/5 Alluring Capacian Bath Girls


The artwork across the Rule book and the encyclopedia are while consisting of black and white art fantastic and very evocative of the rustic alien world of Gor. 5/5 Dishonorable Outlaw’s being sent to the Tarn Death


Before the book starts you get an overview of the world of gor both from the real world, Grim’s introduction to Gor, it’s treatments of Race and Sex, Gor’s Genre and from the perspective of an authorial self insert in the form of Jowan of Ko-Ro-Ba the Earthborn Scribe. It also gives a synopsis of each Gorean book that was current to when the book released. All of the basic world information is placed in the beginning of the book which is very helpful. For a game based on a series of Non-PC Erotic Sword and Planet stories, I think Grim broached the subject with a kindness and understanding that you won’t see in many other games. Now Tales of Gor is definitely for everyone but if you are at all interested in this game or the books you may discover Gor and it’s wonders as a Tabletop RPG or it’s Books by John Norman. 5/5 Savage Panther Girls


All in all the rules are easy and especially easy to understand. It does offer rules for how to differentiate between Male and Female characters. These rules allow for tougher stronger men, and women who are more dexterous and charming. If you are familiar with any game based on the D6 system you should have a very easy time acclimating yourself to the rules. My only quibble is I wish that the rules for creating non-template characters was clearer and layed out slightly better. 4/5 Honorable Warriors of Ar

Game Master Advice

The advice here is very much typical of many RPGs. Not much new ideas, but still immensely useful to new GMs. 3/5 Dancing Girls of the Tahari

Final words

Despite a few minor failings I would say that Tales of Gor is a very well put together game and you owe it to yourself as a Fan of the World of Gor to buy this game. If the world of Gor at all interests you even if you’ve never read the books I highly recommend these books.

Overall Review Score – 4/5

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Q&A with Venger As’Nas Satanis

Rhys: How did you get into Tabletop RPGs?

Venger: I received the magenta box Tom Moldvay Basic edition of D&D as a gift from my aunt. My cousin got a similar present and combined we tried to play the game without knowing anything about roleplaying. What we attempted was not D&D or anything like it. But eventually I played with friends who actually knew what it was about. Those sessions inspired me to continue playing for another 36 years or so… until the present day.

Rhys: So I have seen allegations about you making rude jokes about a transgender woman back in the days of Google Plus. Is that why you started saying that you are a Za’akier? I was there in the Inglorious OSR group back at the end of G+ but I honestly can’t recall that much.

Venger: No, that’s a complete mischaracterization of what happened. My daughter had just made some piece of art that she was particularly proud of. I liked it, too. The thing was wild, colorful, and free. I posted something on g+ that said, “Did my 4-year old make this or Scrap Princess?” At worst, it was mild teasing from a fellow artist. Scrap Princess and I talked about it, after the post generated a lot of comments, and she didn’t find it offensive at all. Which was good, because I intended it to praise her childlike approach to art.

Rhys: What are your biggest inspirations whether it’s music, tv, movies, games or books when you run or create games?

Venger: The films from my youth, primarily. Stuff like Heavy Metal, Flash Gordon, Star Wars, Dune, Beast Master, Tron, Ice Pirates, Conan, etc. When creating something for a session, I draw from everything that I loved as a kid… and then combine them in weird ways. For instance, taking something from Clash of the Titans and something from The Call of Cthulhu. Perhaps the riddle needed to save the princess and lift the city from its curse is tied some hideous idol with tentacles… and the swamp is where those Cthulhu cultists dwell. Boom, adventure right there! And to top it off (I prefer to work in threes), there’s a strange high-tech security system in that swamp. A sphere that attracts people with pleasant illusions, drawing them in. Then, when they touch the sphere it’s save vs. death. Now, I’m drawing from Blake’s 7, the introduction to The Liberator starship. Perhaps only the cult’s High Priest has found a way to circumnavigate or even use the sphere to his advantage. That’s actually pretty decent. I’m going to use that in Cha’alt: Fuchsia Malaise… except the swamp might have to be swapped out for another location. What about a sand bog type of place? Like that area in Krull where people would sink down into it, desolate. Creatures would live in there, tentacles occasionally coming up, etc. Maybe the spawn of Cthulhu?

Rhys: Assuming your a fan of Highlander who is your favorite immortal Connor, Duncan or another immortal? Also is there any chance that you might do guidebooks about other places on Cha’alt?

Venger: I’ll go with Sean Connery… 1) because he’s awesome and 2) because of Zardoz. Individual guidebooks, probably not. But any time I go back to Cha’alt, I’ll focus on one or more places that have already been briefly described. I always love going to new places, so you can definitely count on new areas being explored.

Rhys: Do you think it’s possible to defeat some of the black pyramid’s rooms without combat?

Venger: Absolutely, yes. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to do well in The Black Pyramid without exploration and social interaction. Combat will only get you 33% of the way.

Rhys: So I am a huge fan of Blood-Dark Thirst as I mentioned. Is there any chance you might make a supplement for that game?

Venger: I’ve actually tried a few times. The most I’ve gotten is a half-page… then it kind of tapers off, going nowhere, uninspired. I’m bummed about it. Perhaps it’s a lack of vision on my part or enthusiasm for the genre in roleplaying games, I don’t know. I love vampire movies. After Cha’alt: Fuchsia Malaise, I’ll give it another go, see what happens.

Rhys: If you could play a game with anyone alive, dead, real or imagined who would you pick? And what game would you play?

Venger: Hmm, good question… probably Gary Gygax. Just because I would have to know, I’d ask him to play the latest iteration of Crimson Dragon Slayer D20. If I wasn’t married, I’d play Alpha Blue with vintage pornstars from the 70s and 80s. Live action role playing!

Rhys: What do you see as your next best RPG product?

Venger: Currently, I’m hard at work on Cha’alt 2: Electric Boogaloo… actually, it’s called Cha’alt: Fuchsia Malaise. I’m hoping to outdo the original. Won’t be easy. I don’t know if there’ll be a third one. I’d like to do a trilogy, but we’ll see what shakes out. After that…? I don’t know. Even though I get to do more projects if they’re smaller, there’s something about bigger projects that I like. They’re more challenging, more involved, forcing me to work harder. Who knows if I’ll be playing D&D (in any form) in 2 or 3 years from now. Right now, the vast majority of my attention is on this really small dungeon called Fuchsia Flesh-Pit. That’ll be included in Cha’alt: Fuchsia Malaise.

Thank you for the interview Venger, and thank you all who read this blog for waiting.

You can find Venger on his blog here: https://vengersatanis.blogspot.com/

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In the meantime… an advertisement

Brought to you by the Esoteric Order of Nerdity I bring you a kickstarter for a game that I am not involved with at all. However in my humble opinion it looks like a less SJWish version of Eclipse Phase. If it’s not (It probably will be full of SJW nonsense) I hope to review it on here. Coming soon within the next 48 hours will be my interview with Venger As’Nas Satanis.